Can I practice what I preach?


For the last 10 years, and after writing countless articles discussing preparing for retirement, actual retirement, and living in retirement, I have decided that now is the time to start the next chapter in my life. On the 17 September I will officially retire from my full-time role with Centrepoint Alliance.

I am very lucky.

I have worked for 48 years without ever having been unemployed or underemployed; 24 years with the Department of Social Security and over 22 years with Centrepoint Alliance. As a friend said to me recently, I am obviously either very loyal, or I lack ambition.

To be perfectly honest I am not sure which it is. I believe it was more of a fear factor. I was happy and comfortable with the income I was receiving and did not want to risk this regular income by starting my own business or changing employers unless I was forced to.

Over the last 22 years, and especially the final 10 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my role providing guidance and answers to advisers regarding their client’s situations in my areas of expertise; Centrelink, DVA and Aged Care.

To the cynics who may doubt me I say “if you are able to change a person’s life for the better it provides a very warm and fuzzy feeling”, I can honestly say I have experienced this feeling on many occasions. Our wonderful business, regardless of what the media may have to say, is built on this very premise.

So, to the questions that PK and I have often asked of you our readers –

Do I have enough money invested in Superannuation and other areas to live a comfortable retirement?

Yes, I believe between my partner and I, we do have enough to live a comfortable life and do all we want to do in our comfortable retirement.

Am I 100% confident of this fact?

No, but I do have a plan and we are both more than prepared to go back to work it is required.

Do we have a purpose in our retirement?

Yes, we do. If we did not, I certainly would not be retiring.

COVID has curtailed some of our ambitions, but our plan to travel Australia, run and ride in as many different regions as we can, stand up paddle in different coastal parts, outback rivers and lakes and search for the best coffee in regional Australia. PK has already recommended a café in Longreach that makes great coffee.

Am I a little apprehensive and nervous?

To be honest, yes.

As I have mentioned, one of my concerns is being able to discover the ability to relax completely and sit and do nothing without feeling guilty.

Will I still run, ride, paddle or walk Scout (our dog) at 4.30 or 5 am?

I believe we will, but it may be 30 minutes later. That is a habit I am not sure I want to break.

For those that don’t understand why we do this, the experience of a sunrise is not something I ever want to take for granted. It is amazing and is the most perfect part of the day. Well, that is what I think and feel.

Why did I decide to retire now?

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure.

I did not experience a blinding epiphany – it just felt right. I did not want to wait any longer before we could experience “our time”.

Will I miss work?

There are some aspects of work I won’t miss, but there are others I certainly will. As I have mentioned earlier, helping the clients of our advisers solve problems and reach their goals is something I will certainly miss.

Will I miss the people I work with?

Yes, over 22 years I have establish many good friendships.

These are the people who have provided me with guidance, support, and inspiration. They will not be forgotten. Over time I am sure they will grow tired of my never-ending stream of texts and photos of towns and coastlines we have visited and of course the occasional stop-over to plug in the campervan.

My good friend and colleague PK will continue to write the Realise Your Dream blog.

I am sure at some stage in the future I will also write the occasional blog based on my experiences of retirement.

As this is officially my last RYD blog, I would like to wish our readers all the best and I do hope that over the years you have been reading my articles I have been able to make a difference.


And please remember:

“Retirement should not been seen as a time when you pack up your old working life and “withdraw from life into seclusion”. (original French definition from the 1500’s) Now is the time to become active in your life, with you making choices about how you wish to live.”




Peter Kelly

PK believes people have the right to accurate, affordable and unbiased information that addresses all aspects of their preferred retirement lifestyle, thereby giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions that will empower them to live out their lives with dignity, certainty and security.


Mark Teale

Tealey’s ambition is to change how people think about their retirement, he wants people to dream, plan and realise retirement is not defined by a magical age prescribed by the legislation.



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